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Fruit Season & Picking Techniques

Fruit Time Table

There is usually a selection of ready picked fruit available at our field shop. Phone us on 07773 751 880 for more details and to place your order.


Fruit Picking Techniques


Firstly look at the fruit to ensure it is ripe enough for your requirements. It is best to grip the fruit stalk behind the calyx and break it with your fingernails. Try to avoid pulling the fruit as this will lead to bruising and may pull the calyx out which will reduce the fruit ‘s shelf life. Then put the berries into a basket ready for weighing.


Hold the raspberry between your thumb and first two fingers and gently pull so that the berry slips off the calyx. Try to pull at an angle that avoids breaking the branches supporting other berries.


Usually currants can be picked in bunches (on the string). But at the start of the season, when only a few berries on each string are ripe enough, they will need picking individually.

Broad Beans

Firstly feel the pod to determine if the beans inside are big enough. Hold the pod then twist and pull to break it away from the stem without damaging the stem, enabling the remaining pods to grow for picking later.


Take hold of the stalk to be pulled, which should be 23-30 cm (9-12in.) long. Slide your hand down to the base of the plant, pushing your thumb between the stalk and the next one, easing it out of the ground to avoid snapping it off or pulling out another stalk which is not ready. Take no more than one-third of the stems on each plant, leaving plenty of leaves to continue the growth and recover for more picking later.

General Comments

Please report to the farm shop/kiosk for advice on which areas are ready for picking. The nearest part of a fruit row or patch may have already been picked recently. It is often best to move further down the row.